I believe that every second of our children's education is important. Each day brings something new to learn and develop from. The planning that class teachers produce is like a story of wisdom and experience being told across a half term and so it is often better told by the creator.
Because of this, I have seen, in many cases of supply teaching, the class teacher will ask the cover teacher to do something off topic or unrelated and very often not even in the children's books because it won't look ​right or have relevance to the unit. 
So, why waste children's time doing something that won't be beneficial and more importantly won't be celebrated by anyone?

What I offer is supply teaching with a purpose and something to celebrate. 

With current budget cuts, children don't get the experiences or richer curriculum that they so badly need and deserve. So what I am offering is a way to provide children with this without breaking the bank or having to go through weeks and weeks of planning.

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I combine storytelling and story writing into interactive workshops that pin children's eyes open in wonder and inspire them to know that they are already storytellers. Through drama, art, music and circus we weave tales and use unfinished stories to create our own worlds. We then write and tell these stories in a myriad of ways that shows us all how engaging and exciting true storytelling really is. 

Forest School

  Forest school is all about children being given the space to explore the outdoors for themselves. It is about being given the space to take risks and learn from the outcomes. It is about children developing confidence in their ability to discover the world and what it has to offer.
Any school that has grounds, has the means to let children create in a 'forest school' way. If you have any wooded areas on site or nearby, even better.