The Kindest of words...


I have been fortunate enough to work with and be able to put my time and energy into the most incredible children. Their enthusiasm and zest for life is inspiring. I am also lucky that both they and their parents have had the loveliest things to say about me and my work... These quotes are the ones that have made me smile the most...

"Taran is an amazing teacher I had the pleasure of working with during his first year as a Qualified Teacher. He had such passion and fresh ideas and everything he did was completely dedicated to the children he taught. He made such a difference to those children.. Now he's doing his thing! This is going to be amazing Taran and I wish you every success." 
This was from a beautiful human that I had the pleasure of supporting me in my classroom once upon a time. This was her response when she found out what I was doing...

"I heard you were coming in today so I saved up all my energy so I could hug you really tight..."

Jessie - Aged 9

“You have a lot to offer to young people. I have seen you both in the class and in more relaxed settings with children and you are in your element. The profession needs people with passion and good hearts.”

These are the kind words my previous Headteacher when she found out I was venturing ever so slightly out of the classroom.

"You will be the teacher we will always refer to as the best teacher we have ever met. If all teachers were like you, a lot more children would be happy at school."

A lovely parent and her very switched on little one... These 2 taught me a lot about family togetherness. Together they could conquer the world (in completely the right way) and I was lucky to be around that for a while. 

"You have made such a positive difference to the lives of these children."

Kind words from an old colleague.

"Thank you for teaching me all the things Mr Smith."

Louis - aged 8

I think this one pretty much sums it up...