Forest School

 Whether it's a full term, a half term, a one off session or a specific small group, I am available to book for any forest school activities:

Full term - £200 per full day  (2 classes, half a day each) / £150 half day (1 class Am or PM)

 After a visit to your site, I will plan suitable weekly half day sessions where the children get to see the world around them change as we go from one season into the next. They will build dens, make fires, learn about the world around them, feel the importance of being in touch with nature, carve wood, play games, explore, take risks and build their confidence and self esteem whilst doing so.

Half Term - £200 per full day  (2 classes, half a day each) / £150 half day (1 class Am or PM)

Similar to the full term option. The children and I will use your grounds to guide us into the most beneficial half term plan. 

One off sessions£225 full day/£175 half day 

If you want supply teaching with a difference then get in touch to give your children the chance to explore the outdoors whenever their class teacher is out on a course. Here is just a short list of the types of activities we could do in a day...

  • Build dens

  • Make tipis

  • Create photo frames

  • Build 3D maps

  • Fire activities - Lighting, cooking, storytelling etc...

  • Make shelters - Learning new knots

  • Play and invent games

  • Learn tool safety through use and exploration.


Small groups (Max 5 children) - £95 2 hours

 You may have small groups of children who you wish to give these opportunities to. In smaller numbers the variety of activities can increase. Add this list to the ones mentioned previously:

  • Wood carving

  • Spoon making

  • Mallet making

  • Free tool work