Circus Skills Workshops

I have been learning and practising circus skills for much of my life. 

I attribute a lot of the patience I have in life to the learning process of juggling and diabolo. 

In my circus skills workshops children will have the opportunity to learn:

Ball Juggling

Club Juggling

Scarf Juggling



Flower sticks


Slack Line

Contact Juggling

Whether it's a sports week, an after school club, a birthday party or a regular booking, get in touch to discuss your ideas.

After School circus skills club £30 -

(Max 15 children)

Home education - £40 2 hour session -

Costs split evenly per child.

e.g 10 children = £2 ph per child. 

Taran Sutcliffe:

Primary Education 5-11 BEd Hons - PE Specialism

Level 3 Forest School Leader



AQA Level Swimming 2 swimming instructor

Sports coach

Email:    Phone: 07773468112    Contact from

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