1 - 1 Tuition

Specialising in primary aged children and covering all primary subjects, I am available for private and small group tutoring. 

My own beliefs and ethos bring a teaching style that uses the child's own interests and strengths to teach them at the level they are at. 

I am happy to sit inside at a table and teach children who need to practise their times tables through games but I am also happy to go outside and use their trampoline to teach them about fronted adverbials... 

1-1 tuition is about children getting extra support to achieve what they want to. This doesn't have to be through the same methods that they are learning in school. In fact, this would be a waste. It is a fantastic opportunity for children to see that learning is fun and is happening with every step they take or back drop they land. 

1-1 tuition - £20 ph

Small group tuition please get in touch